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Awnings and Canopies

Awnings and Canopies

Whether you are a new business, a hospital, hotel, restaurant or school, awnings can help serve several purposes. They can provide protection from the elements, add vibrancy and color to the facade of your building and promote and advertise your company. At Lafuente Sign and Awning, we pride ourselves on using 100% American Made raw materials in the fabrication of all of our awnings. Our awnings are thoughtfully designed, properly fabricated and carefully installed.

How long does it take to complete an awning project?

A: There are several factors that determine how long it will take to complete your awning project – these include, size, shape, quantity and graphics. More times than not, Lafuente Sign & Awning strives to complete awning projects within 2-2.5 weeks. Awning recovers are typically completed within 1 week.

What materials are the awning frames made out of?

A: Awning frames are generally constructed out 1”x1” or 1”x2” Galvanized Steel or Aluminum square tubing.

What are my fabric options?

A: Awning covers are typically made out of Sunbrella fabric – with more than 300 color patterns to choose from, it is by far the most popular. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, there are several other options including Cooley, translucent vinyl and Ferrari, among others.

How are the graphics applied to my awning cover?

A: Graphics are applied using several time tested techniques. In most cases, we hand-paint your graphics directly to the Sunbrella fabric – apply two coats of primer and three coats of paint. Other techniques include digitally printing your logo direct to the fabric and hand-sewn appliqué graphics.

How long can I expect my awning to last?

A: Awning covers are what typically need the most attention before the frame. You can expect to have to change your awning cover sometime between 7-10 years after your initial purchase. When it comes to the frame itself, you will begin to see corrosion across parts of the frame between years 17-20. This can easily be fixed by re-welding those sections.