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Grand Format Printing

Our prints are measured in feet, not inches
Grand Format Printing

When we say that we print large-format graphics, we mean it. Where as other companies think that printing at 8’ or 10’ seamless is consider grand-format printing, our machines are printing at 16’ seamless! We print on various materials including vinyl, mesh, fabric and substrates ranging from wood, metal and glass, among other substrates. Our machines are printing at 1,000 DPI guaranteeing high quality products with the maximum quality print.

What materials can you print on?

A: Our machines print on a wide array of materials including different weight vinyls, mesh and fabrics. Our flatbed machines can print on substrates that include wood, coro and metal.

How wide do the machines print?

A: When it comes to banners, our machines can print 16’ wide seamless – we have other machines that print at 126” and 64” wide seamless. Our flatbed printers take sheets up to 4’x8’ and up to 2” thick.

How are your banners finished?

A: We have two methods of finishing our banners: hand-sewn single or double needle stitching or heat welded.

How long does it take to print a banner?

A: Depending on the quantity and size of your banner(s), we typically produce most jobs within 2-4 business days.