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Brackets and Hardware

Brackets and Hardware

Our custom brackets can add interest to your building facade. Fabricated from steel or aluminum, they can hold as many as three banners at a time and can project in straight, tapered or triangular dimensions. Made from 100% American materials, they are designed to fit your building’s specific design and hold banners to bring vibrancy, color and attention.

How many banners can the brackets support?

A: Because all of our brackets are custom made, we have designs that allow for as many as three banners to be displayed on one banner bracket set at any given time.

What color options are available for my bracket set?

A: The most common color for bracket sets is either black or natural anodized. If you want your bracket sets to be painted a specific color, we do offer custom color painting options.

How big of a banner can I hang on my banner brackets?

A: Our custom brackets have supported banners as wide as 40” and as long as 30’ and they can support banners even larger than that!

What materials is used to make banner brackets?

A: Our custom brackets are fabricated from either steel or aluminum.