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Vehicle Wraps

If it has wheels, we can wrap it
Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are a great way to advertise your business and it’s products or services. Whether you are looking to simply apply cut letters on the doors of your vehicle with your business name and contact information, or have your vehicle fully wrapped, we print on the highest quality adhesive vinyl and our graphics are always applied by one of our 3M certified installers.

What is a car wrap and what’s involved in getting a car wrapped?

Vehicle wraps are something that completely covers the exterior of the vehicle entirely or partially by either changing the colour, finish or design of the cars existing panels. This process is non-permanent in most cases and typically ranges from 1-7 days of completion depending on the installers and specifications of the project.

Does wrapping damage my vehicle’s paint?

The preferred answer is no, and this is typically the right answer. Although, like everything there are always factors involved such as: If the car has been repainted; was the repaint done properly and professionally. You also need to consider if the vinyl wrap installer is professional and experienced enough not to cut the paint during the install. You should also find out if the vinyl product being used is from a reputable / trusted brand and that the installer isn’t using too much adhesive promoting primer.

Is the cost of a custom vehicle wrap justifiable compared to traditional paint?

The cost of a fully wrapped vehicle in comparison to a fully painted vehicle is definitely more affordable. Paint is better because it is permanent. Conversely, vinyl wrapping is more desirable for the very reason that it is not permanent. Vinyl can be removed at a client’s desire and doesn’t affect your vehicle’s resale value for being “repainted.” Vinyl achieves virtually the same end result (if professionally installed) and carries the benefits of being more affordable and non permanent. Also, having a “second skin” for your vehicle allows that extra layer of paint protection against variables that could potentially damage your paint and even leave bare metal exposed to issues such as rust, rocks, scratches and chips.

What does a car wrap offer over custom paint?

Custom paint jobs can be extremely expensive. In some cases custom vinyl jobs don’t even alter the price and when it does it is typically not anything substantial. It is also easier to do multiple colours in custom patterns using vinyl.

How long does the full vehicle wrap procedure take?

Vinyl installers take specific amounts of time on every piece of the car depending on difficulty, size and type of vinyl. This is also dependent on the skill level and experience of the installer.

How long does a car wrap typically last?

How long a car wrap or car skin can last will always vary depending on the maintenance of the driver and the overall quality of the install. On average, four years seems to be the going rate for daily driven wrapped vehicles. Most quality manufacturers like 3M offer warranties of up to seven years, although most of our client’s typically sell or rewrap their vehicles within the first 3 years or so.

How easy is it to remove the vinyl wrap?

Depending on the install and quality of vinyl used, vinyl wrap removal is not all that difficult. Usually, just a bit of carefully monitored heat with the heat gun will help soften the glue just enough so that the vinyl can be peeled off the vehicle easily.